How To Order

How to order your Focus Fire Lenses                                                         
If you are just needing magnification lenses, figure out what exact magnification that you need to see up close and far away with best. Not just up close as if to read. Give us your scope cover brand and model number either Butler Creek with the red flip open button, or Vortex E-10. Then the magnification that you will need that you want this lens to be. We are only making 7 different magnifications from 1.50 to 3.0 

All Focus Fire Lenses will be ground and coated to the highest quality and industry standards.

If you have prescription eyeglasses what I want you to do is to set up your rifle on the bench at the range or safely at home where you can see far enough away that you need that scope to take the shot. Now with the scope cover removed from the eye piece of the scope. Get behind your rifle and shoulder up as if for a shot. Then move your eye glasses slowly from off of your face to contacting the eye piece at the back of the rifle scope. If you've lost no quality of vision or even gained vision we can help you! No matter what your vision correction is I need you to give me this important information just as you would in getting a pair of new eye glasses.

Then if you have different strengths of reading glasses at home to try you'll see what lens to order. For example I need a 2.50 to read. I can see overall close up and far away best with 1.75 to 2.0 power lenses. I have 2.0 lenses on my rifle scopes.

We are here to help you just call (or contact us by the website) between 10am & 4pm EST Monday thru Thursday (423-716-5733) if you have any question or help with this process. I know what I have and offer to you a full satisfaction or money back guarantee.                       

*Keep Reading* I want to offer my customers multi lens discounts. I personally have 6 corrective Focus Fire Lenses on 6 different custom long range rifles because of different brands of scopes and scope covers. I simply will not forget it when going out to shoot it's already on my rifle and I don't have to think about it anymore. If you want to buy 2 matching lenses the first is at full price $169.93 and the second is 25% off! $127.93 Only one discount applies.

On a personal note, This fully patented idea and now a product that was not only born at a 1000 yards on a competition range but thoroughly tested there for many years on many different scopes and rifles. My scores went higher and stayed there! This idea and now a product I am happy to offer you. It just works period!                                    

I sincerely hope that I can help you enjoy your passion of shooting more. For me shooting without my eyeglasses just makes you feel young again. If it makes you even better it just seems that the people that are on my staff and people that we deal with are mostly all shooters or wear eyeglasses, they get it and they are also passionate about my new company! Because they know that it will work!