Focus Fire Lens

Patented Shooting Assist Lens

Eliminate Parallax

This Lens eliminates Parallax that you had between your eyeglasses and your rifle scope.

Mounts Quickly

This lens is mounted in the scope cover cap requires no tools and can quickly be removed for others to shoot your rifle.

Made With Your Prescription

This lens that will correct your vision right on your rifle scope in a hunt or military mission gone wrong and your have lost or damaged your eyewear this has the ability to help save your life.  

Focus Fire Lens

This exclusive fully patented shooting assist lens has no competitors. Order Yours Today!

Focus Fire Lens L.L.C.

Welcome to the home of Focus Fire Lens. You have just found the most innovative shooting optical assist add on lens on the market today that is custom made for you. It's a fully patented one of a kind idea and invention and has no competitors and no draw backs as well. A bit about me and my idea and now your new product. I grew up never needing to wear glasses at all. I've shot competition and hunted most all my life. Well as I got older so did my eye's requiring reading glasses and had to use them to shoot as well I hated it!

Like many good ideas and inventions that came to be. This one was born at 1000 yards! Out of my own frustration of having less than perfect vision and hating to wear my reading glasses to make up the difference. I came upon a idea of how to resolve this problem and turn it into a company to help you too. It doesn't matter how cheap or how expensive your rifle scope is if your vision is failing in anyway that scope isn't going to fix it! You have to fix your vision before it gets to the rear eye piece of the scope period.

I have personally spoken with some high end scope & scope cap companies that didn't want to admit this or admit that I had one upped them.. However I have partnered with a very high end US lens company who where very interested in my idea and working with me. And now my staff and lens company partners will be more than happy to work with you. Keeping you and your rifle both on the hunt or in the game with what I've had to do for myself.

As we are well into the era of the most accurate rifles and bullets and scopes etc... ever built don't take a pass if you need any corrective lenses for your best vision you will need it to shoot as good as you can. Don't let your vision be the weak link in your shooting platform. Let me help you put that corrective lens on your rifle for a better time shooting competition or hunting and possibly make that shot of a life time. And if you do I want to hear about it!

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